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    1. Projects

      Hi-Tech and Advanced Technology


      Seagate Technology (Ireland)


      Central Mechanical Utility Upgrades, Process Tool Installs, Refurbishment Projects

      Project Complete


      ERM provide the following key services:

      • Act as Principle Contractor for Projects that fall under CDM Regulations – including Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Civil, Structural and Architectural Works.
      • Supply and Installation of all ranges of pipework ranging from uPVC, cPVC, PP, PVDF, PFA, ABS, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
      • Supply and Installation of High Purity Stainless Steel Systems for Speciality Gases by means of Orbital Welding within Cleanroom Environment.
      • Supply and Installation of New Plant and Equipment for Central Utility Generation and Distribution Systems.
      • New Process Tool Installations and relocation of Same throughout Fabs
      • General Maintenance to Facilities and Equipment
      Construction Online
      ISO 9001
      ISO 14001
      ISO 45001