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      Restoration Projects


      The Guildhall, Derry


      Grade ‘A’ Listed Building – Fit-out

      Project Complete

      March 2012 to November 2013

      ERM delivered a complete mechanical refit for the Guildhall as part of the iconic building’s restoration (Grade ‘A’ Listed Building) while also facing the challenging of linking the system to the nearby Harbour Museum.? Two air handling units were installed in the newly created plant rooms in the basement of the Guildhall but the building’s boilers were located across the street in the Harbour Museum and now heats both buildings.? A cascading system using gas-fired Buderus G515 boilers were installed in the Harbour Museum with pre-planned ducting already in place to allow the heat to be transferred across the street and into the Guildhall.? The advance planning for this project enabled the works to run relatively smooth.

      The project also involved a complete mechanical refit, with a special flue system and complete extraction system installed as well as a series of radiators. The mechanical contract also included the installation of new sanitary ware within a series of bathrooms throughout the building as well as point of use hot water heaters.? The entire system had a focus on creating energy efficiency, with the addition of heat meters to monitor energy usage and a fully automatic control system both in place to achieve optimum levels. ?ERM had to ensure that the latest technology that would deliver this energy efficiency blended in with the historical aspect of the buildings.? For this reason, a number of multi-column radiators have been installed, in keeping with the heritage of the Guildhall, while heritage style sanitary ware disguises the latest sensor taps and motion detectors in the bathrooms.

      Given that ERM is based in Derry, getting this project right was a matter of local pride for the company.

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